University under air quality warning

A similar warning was issued for the Twin Cities in January.

Several regions of Minnesota, including the University of Minnesota area, are currently under an air pollution advisory warning issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, according to a statement released by University Vice President for Student Services Kathleen O’Brien this morning. As of 10 p.m. Thursday, Twin Cities air has been at a level deemed dangerous to âÄúsensitive groups.âÄù According to the MPCA, sensitive groups include âÄúpeople with heart or lung disease, the elderly, children and individuals that work or exercise vigorously for extended periods of time.âÄù The warning, which includes large parts of southwest and central Minnesota, expires at the end of Friday. A similar warning was issued for the University area in January. Though total air quality warnings have increased in the past few years, Minnesota air quality has largely improved, according to the MPCA’s 2009 report to the Legislature. Experts attribute the rise in warnings to tightening standards. To avoid inhaling harmful particles, the statement warns Twin Cities residents to âÄúreduce activities that lead to deep or accelerated breathing.âÄù For an in-depth look at Twin Cities air quality, see this February Daily story.