Transportation report recommends better aircraft security measures

by Justin Ware

The Department of Transportation released its most recent airline safety recommendations Monday, one day after U.S. and British military aircraft pounded Taliban sites in Afghanistan.

According to a press release, some of the recommendations, such as securing cockpit doors on all U.S. commercial aircraft, are already underway. The recommendations were suggested by two airline security rapid-response teams.

“I have personally reviewed each of the recommendations … and I want to thank the (Federal Aviation Administration) experts and our private-sector team members for developing a range of well-thought-out options,” U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta said in a written statement.

Last week President George W. Bush announced a $500 million security package involving the federal government in airline security.

The package was a result of earlier recommendations from both response teams.

Richard Anderson, CEO of Northwest Airlines, is a member of one of the response teams.

Northwest said the airline would not comment on the specifics of the safety regulations, in order to ensure the success of the programs.

“We continue to work with the FAA and other government agencies on appropriate security measures,” said Northwest spokesman Curt Evenhoch.

Along with the additional cockpit security, the recommendations call for a $20 million grant for new technology to enhance flight deck security.

– Justin Ware