Theft, car damage among recent crime

by Elizabeth Smith

Two people were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood near the University of 
Minnesota. Three suspects approached the victims, and one of them pointed a gun at the pair and demanded the victims’ property. The suspects fled the scene.
Damaged vehicles and notes
A parked car was damaged in a hit-and-run in Marcy-Holmes on Friday. A note containing a license plate number and phone number was left on the vehicle, but when the victim tried calling the number, she found it was disconnected.
Elsewhere in Marcy-Holmes that day, a suspect struck a car with an unknown object after its alarm malfunctioned and began to go off. According to public information on the police report, a “nasty note” was left on the vehicle for its owners.
A house was burglarized early Sunday morning near the University in the Southeast Como neighborhood that resulted in the loss of two Xboxes, three laptops, a Wii console and a purse, said Zane Zeman, a chemistry junior and one of the house’s residents.