Police believe unknown suspects entered townhouse through hole in wall

Another man was assaulted by a coworker at University and Malcolm avenues.

Police believe unknown suspects entered a Minneapolis man’s townhouse Friday by breaking a hole through the wall of an adjoining unit.

The incident occurred on Ninth Street Southeast near Hennepin Avenue East, according to a police report.

Minneapolis police Lt. Bill Whisney said the adjoining unit was vacant and likely easier to enter than the victim’s.

Jeff Urban, 38, arrived home at 5:30 p.m. to find a hole in the wall and that his laptop had been stolen, according to the report.

Whisney said it’s common for burglaries to occur in that area in the middle of the day, but the nature of the incident was somewhat strange.

“It’s a little unusual that someone would go through the wall,” Whisney said. “But knowing those townhouses over there, the wall isn’t that sturdy.”

There are currently no suspects or witnesses in the case, he said.


A 27-year-old Minneapolis man was assaulted Sunday morning in his car near the corner of Malcolm and University avenues southeast, according to a police report.

Mahamud Shirwa was driving home from work around 7:15 a.m. when a co-worker approached his vehicle and asked for a ride home, the report states.

Shirwa said his co-worker’s name is Jamal, but according to the report, he told police Sunday that he knew him only by “Wacko.”

When Shirwa told his co-worker he could not give him a ride home because he was driving in a different direction, the co-worker punched him in the arm, he said.

Shirwa’s co-worker proceeded to hit his car with a stick and then pulled out a knife and threatened to kill Shirwa, he said.

At that point, the light turned green and Shirwa drove away, he said.

He told police he has had problems with the same co-worker in the past.