Culture compass: Superstitions, squash and sad songs

by Maddy Folstein

Friday: “Electra”

The renowned Twin Cities theater company Ten Thousand Things is taking on Greek tragedy. If you’ve never seen the theater company’s revolutionary format, now is the time: audience members sit on all four sides of the playing space, with the actors an arm’s length away. “Electra” makes for an affordable night of classical art in an intimate setting. If you can’t make it this weekend, check out the play’s schedule as it tours across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. 

Where: Indigenous Roots Cultural Arts Center

When: 7:30 pm

Cost: $30; pay-what-you-can tickets for audiences younger than 30 ($10 minimum)

Saturday: Julien Baker at The Cedar Cultural Center

If you have Saturday night free, make your way to The Cedar Cultural Center for a concert that will make you cry. Julien Baker is a self-proclaimed lover of sad songs and an equally talented songwriter and performer. See her this Saturday, and then watch for her upcoming album “Turn Out the Lights” on October 27. 

Where: The Cedar Cultural Center, 416 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

When: 8 pm, doors open at 7 pm

Cost: $18

Sunday: Tiny Diner’s Minneharvest Festival: Squash Edition

Head to the beloved miniature brunch establishment for a celebration of all things fall. Sample the offerings of a squash soup cook-off, wander through a (tiny) pumpkin patch and decorate pumpkins — all the best Midwestern fall activities, just on a much smaller scale.  

Where: Tiny Diner, 1024 E 38th St, Minneapolis

When: 2 pm – 5 pm 

Cost: Free



Watch this: “Lore”

The chart-topping podcast has found its way to Amazon Video. Much like the format of the podcast, each episode of this animation-documentary mash-up focuses on a different urban legend and the truth behind the superstitious stories. 

Find this: a new Halloween costume 

Halloweekend on campus is just a week away. This weekend, take the time to prepare, and you’ll easily avoid just being a part of the crowds of cats and devils. Your favorite local thrift shop will have a variety of unique pieces, perfect for crafting a crowd-stopping costume for next weekend. 

Download this: Headspace

Midterm season is in full swing, so relieve your mental stress through Headspace’s guided meditation and mindfulness exercises. Although a full subscription to the app will cost a few dollars a month, the beginner’s guide is free, making it a quick way to clear your mind.