Let’s talk about sexual assault

by Katherine Manbeck - University student

During the first month of the semester, everyone was abuzz with talk about sexual assault and the culture of rape on campus.

Now, as finals approach, itâÄôs the furthest thing from most studentsâÄô minds. But what progress has really been made on this front?

Greek life put some rules in place to make it more difficult for people to get drinks at fraternity parties so as to decrease the likelihood of drinks being drugged, but these regulations have since been lifted, so life as they know it can continue. There have been, to my knowledge, no arrests, no increased police presence and no action taken at all.

How, then, can this vitally important issue no longer give anyone pause?

Sexual assault and rape humor has returned to its former levels of prevalence and supposed hilarity, such that on a walk through Coffman Union, itâÄôs unusual not to hear the phrase “YouâÄôre raping me!”

It pains me to know that more women may have to be assaulted before anyone again starts to pay attention. It is increasingly important that we return our focus to this problematic culture that encourages sexual violence and address the issue before its too late for another woman.

To that end, there will be an event today at 7 p.m. âÄî food at 6 p.m. âÄî in Coffman Theater. We will hear from school administrators, police, greek life representatives and other community members to discover concrete actions that we, at a personal and administrative level, can take to make our campus community safer and challenge the culture of rape.

We welcome you to join us and learn more about the issue. DonâÄôt keep something this important on the back burner âÄî pay attention to sexual assault now so someday we wonâÄôt have to.