POINT: I just love our girls’ night out

Oh my God you guys, wasn’t last Friday soooo much fun? I called Tracy, Karen and Molly and we all went and hung out in my dorm at T-Hall until about 9:30 p.m. Molly sneaked a bottle of peach Schnapps, and we passed it around and talked about how I was so drunk last Saturday. I ran out of a house party back to the dorms and no one knew where I was, and I passed out in the middle of the Superblock! That was like, totally, the drunkest I’ve ever been!

Then Karen surprised us and told us how her friend Tim, from Delt, got us all on the list for the party that night! It was sooo cool of her! She’s such a great friend. So then on the way to the party we talked about how we all have finals soon, and we are going to totally pay for this party in the morning. I mean I was still hung-over from the party last Saturday!

Tim got us right past the line, and the moment we walk into the party, “Dancing Queen” comes on! Omigod! That’s totally our song! We danced and danced!

After that song was over, that “Ride the Pony” song by Ginuwine came on, so we took a break and that’s when I saw Mike by the speakers. He’s this guy I’ve been trying to hook up with from the dorms! What a lucky break, right? He got two beers for each of us and we ended up making out and exchanging cell phone digits! It turns out that he’s a really sweet guy. I really hope he calls, but if he doesn’t, I don’t care, because it was such a fun night! Ciao!