Student fees committee to begin hearing requests today

Student Services Fees Committee split in two, following task force’s recommendation

Emily Ayshford

The Student Services Fees Committee will begin hearing budget presentations from fees-receiving groups today, the first step in the annual process determining how student money is allocated.

This year, however, the fees committee is divided into two groups – the Student Fees Committee and the Administrative Fees Committee. The split was recommended by a task force assembled last year.

Student Fees Committee Chairman Brian Wiedenmeier said the two committees, which are further divided into subcommittees, will hear presentations for approximately a week and a half before drafting their first sets of recommendations.

Wiedenmeier said the new Administrative Fees Committee, composed of four students and one administrator, will hear budget requests from fees-receiving groups such as Boynton Health Service, Radio K, recreational sports, Twin Cities Student Unions, Summer Cultural Programs, University Student Legal Service and the International Service and Travel Center. He said these groups receive 90 percent of the fees that students pay and committee members will receive special training to deal with their large budgets.

Both committees were chosen in December and have since met once to determine subcommittee assignments and select chairmen. Wiedenmeier said subcommittees exist in case any member has a conflict of interest and cannot hear a certain group’s presentation.

Wiedenmeier said he’s confident the committee will operate without the controversy and political turmoil that has marked the process in the past.

He said the committee has established guidelines designed to prevent committee members’ personal biases from affecting decisions.

The committees will meet again in full Feb. 21, a few days after the first set of fees recommendations are published.

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