Anderson just doesn’t get it

Ayah Helmy

Ross Anderson spent the majority of his latest column under a comfortable duvet of self-pity and vexation at the thought of people getting ticked off enough to call him names. Anderson, of course dialogue about controversial topics is welcome in an academic community, but obviously, if you are writing things to actually get a conversation going instead of trying to further career aspirations to become a FOX News pundit, you would be much more respectful in your delivery. I made the same point about the difference between culture and religion when I wrote in disagreeing with his last column, but I will acquiesce to his request that someone opine about the question, âÄúis it morally justifiable to require a woman to wear head-to-toe covering? (IâÄôm talking eyes only.)âÄù The answer is no. Most Muslims will agree with you, but I maintain that the ones who think it is justifiable believe so because of cultural beliefs; Islam does not sanction misogynistic activities and doesnâÄôt force anyone to do anything. It would be great if Anderson was astute enough to understand and admit that those misogynists who also happen to be Muslim and âÄúuse Islam as justification to discriminate against womenâÄù are, in fact, misusing Islam. Then, and only then, will the dialogue be open. Ayah Helmy University alum