Espresso unmask

It hits you as you ponder your choices that the man you saw running towards the buses was a TA you had in a freshman economics course. Although you hated him for giving you a D, you realize he did less to ruin your life than the man who stole your ticket. So instead, you sprint towards the Washington Avenue Bridge.
With rage in your eyes and your heart pounding through your chest, you make a beeline towards the other side of campus.
However, as you are in full sprint, a member of the 624-WALK contingent asks why you are in such a hurry. It seems there has been a rash of vandalism on the wall panels and you are now considered a suspect.
Finally, you are able to convince the man your intentions are to get home in time to catch a flight, but the time the questioning took has given the phantom figure an unbeatable head start. You begin to slink the rest of the way home. You’ve missed your final and there’s no way to catch your flight in time.
But as you walk, face down, towards the end of the bridge, you nearly bump into a person who appears to be even more dejected than you. Embarrassed, you briefly mumble an apology and ask why the person looks so depressed. You find that your new acquaintance has had a day almost as bad as your own.
To make up for your clumsiness, you offer to buy this person a cup of coffee. When you reach Espresso Unmask, you realize this is the person you’ve been waiting your entire life to meet. You’ve missed your flight, but suddenly it doesn’t matter. The chemistry between the two of you is unmistakable.
Baja? Nope. You’ll be spending spring break in Minnesota … but that’s not so bad.