Minneapolis man cited for disorderly conduct in bathroom

Brian Close

A 40-year-old Minneapolis man was cited for disorderly conduct Thursday after an incident in a Willey Hall bathroom.
University Police officer Erik Swanson was seated in a restroom stall next to the suspect, when he noticed the man looking through two peepholes that had been drilled between the stalls.
Swanson reported that after ten minutes of this, the man exited and Swanson stopped him, saying he believed the man was “cruising for sex.”
According to Swanson’s report, the man denied the accusation, saying he “just wanted to look at something.” But after admitting the behavior was sexual in nature, the man was cited and released.

In other police news:
ù A University graduate student living at the Como Student Community housing development was arrested for domestic assault on Tuesday, Sept. 29 after allegedly throwing a remote control at his wife, according to police reports.
He also threatened the victim, who had a bruise which she said was from an earlier altercation, the report states. She also reportedly feared for the safety of her child, who she said the man treated roughly in the past.

ù Several Minneapolis men gave false information to University Police officers regarding insurance information this week.
George Gore, 28, gave a false name after University Police officer Michael Joslyn pulled him over for expired tabs. He provided the name of a Minneapolis man, but the officer found that the description didn’t match. Gore was cited for driving after suspension and for providing false information.

ù After a 25-year-old man was stopped for speeding on the 10th Avenue Bridge, he assured the officer that the car was insured.
But on Sept. 28, University Police found through record checks that the man had no insurance at the time he was pulled over, but had activated his insurance four days later.
Police sent him tickets for no insurance and for supplying false information to police.

ù One man was arrested and one cited for narcotics violations Saturday after University Police officer Erik Swanson spotted them engaging in what looked like a drug deal at the corner of 16th and Franklin avenues south, according to police reports.
When the officer approached, one suspect attempted to throw away the marijuana he was carrying. Swanson stopped him, then identified the man who sold the substance to him.
Swanson then arrested the seller, and transported him to the Hennepin County Jail. The other man was cited and released for possession of a small amount of marijuana.