Bikers and peds: don’t be stupid

Many students have begun biking to class now that itâÄôs spring. This also means an increase in moronic decisions by pedestrians regarding bike lanes.

Today, I only averted the death of a pedestrian darting across the bike lanes on the Washington Avenue Bridge by slamming on my brakes so hard that the bike pitched forward, throwing me off and breaking the front reflector and bell.

As biking season begins, IâÄôd like to remind students of some safety tips. First, a bike lane is for bikes, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters âÄî not pedestrians.

Many commuters in the bike lanes are traveling at speeds of over 25 mph. Getting hit by a biker at that speed will seriously injure you, if not kill you.

DonâÄôt walk in bike lanes. DonâÄôt stand in bike lanes. If you must cross, look both ways first. If thereâÄôs no room on the open part of the bridge to walk without being in the bike lane, walk in the indoor part. Treat bike lanes like you would streets with traffic and no one will get hurt.

As for bikers, one way to make everyoneâÄôs commute a bit safer is to signal before you turn, slow down or stop.

For everyoneâÄôs safety, letâÄôs all try to be a bit more intelligent when we move around campus.