Senate committee advances voter ID; House passes measure 72-62

The House passed its version of the amendment early Wednesday.

Jeff Hargarten

The Minnesota Senate’s rules committee advanced a proposed voter ID law to the full Senate hours after the House passed a companion measure Wednesday.

The House passed its version of the constitutional amendment in a 72-62 vote along party lines early Wednesday morning after nine hours of debate.

The voter ID measure will be brought before the Senate floor Friday afternoon, said Steve Sviggum, communications director for the Senate Republican Caucus.

If the bill passes, a conference committee would likely need to reconcile the two versions, Sviggum said. Most of the differences between the laws likely concern their wording, he said.

If the Senate approves the bill and it makes it through conference committee, the amendment would appear on November’s ballot, leaving it to voters to decide whether a photo ID should be required at polling places. Minnesota would provide eligible voters with free photo IDs.

Democrats argue citizens like college students, the elderly, minorities and the homeless would be disenfranchised by the law. Republicans say the amendment is meant to combat voter fraud.


-The Associated Press contributed to this report.