Lil Wayne, his aching mouth skirt prison

Jay Boller

Awesome rapper turned atrocious rocker Lil Wayne will avoid his jail cell until March 2. The reason? A bum tooth.

Wayne was expected to enter prison today after pleading guilty to a 2007 attempted weapons possession charge. Alas, the emcee is entering the dentist chair on Feb. 12 in Miami instead, according to an MTV report.

Apparently Wayne’s dental defects are well-known, a burden this 2008 Blender cover story shed hilarious light on: "There is no food in sight besides candy. The counter is crowded with Blow Pops, Sour Patch Kids, Snickers, Milky Ways, Dots, Skittles,” the magazine wrote of Wayne’s kitchen.  

The sweet-toothed rapper released his questionable rock opus "Rebirth" on Feb. 2 and impressed at The Grammys on Jan. 31 with a performance featuring Eminem and Drake.