On transparency

I found it an interesting juxtaposition that a letter to the editor in MondayâÄôs paper suggests that if the Wikileaks information âÄúmakes our government look bad, then our government did something wrong.âÄù Meanwhile, one of the editorials for Monday suggests that Eric Schmidt of Google was âÄúchillingâÄù when he commented âÄúIf you have something you donâÄôt want anyone to know, maybe you shouldnâÄôt be doing it in the first place.âÄù
As with individuals, I think there are times when governments and other institutions would be unable to function with absolute transparency. The recent choice of president for the University of Minnesota is a case in point in the sense that many believe the process should be absolutely transparent. But those being considered are often faced with their career going off a cliff if it becomes known that theyâÄôre not 100 percent loyal to their
current school.