If you can’t be at the game, get to the blog

“Upon Further Review” is your home for in-depth analysis and in-game updates.

Paul Cordes

The world is getting faster. People have no time to waste and therefore no time to wait.

We at the Daily sports department aren’t ignorant to that and understand that by the time you read our stories Monday morning, you likely already are aware of how the hockey team did Friday night or how football finished Saturday.

We are at a disadvantage not publishing on the weekend and focus very hard on taking the best angle possible in our stories Monday and being as in-depth as possible so as to give you the best perspective possible when reading the paper.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get up-to-the-minute updates about Gophers athletics from the Daily.

on the web

To read this blog online, go to www.mndaily.com/blogs/sports

Last year, we implemented a sports blog online, called “Upon Further Review.”

We were new bloggers and got a feel for it last year, but as we slowly started to get the hang of it, we had a departmental emergency that threw us off and prevented us from really expanding the blog how we had originally intended to.

This year though, we’re solid and are devoted to really serving our readers as best we can.

During men’s hockey season, men’s basketball season and women’s basketball season, our beat reporters will give in-game updates on the blog with scores, analysis, stats and their overall impression of the game.

For those of you who cannot make it out to Williams or Mariucci over the weekend, all it takes is a few clicks to get not just scores but the breakdown from reporters who have been following the teams, players and coaches religiously for an entire season, some reporters even longer.

Final scores with a short analysis will also be posted as a sports update on the front page of the mndaily.com Web site if all you have is a quick second to get the information you need.

As we become better and more efficient at getting blogs up, we will continue to add sports to our list of in-game updates.

During the week, you can expect to see daily updates on the blog with the inside stories on recruiting, players and coaches from nearly if not all Minnesota Division I athletics.

But to really get you all the information you want or need, we need your input.

I encourage, no, I implore you to leave a comment or shoot an e-mail off to let us know what you think. Being able to read your comments has two very positive effects for all of us.

Firstly, your comments add to the overall interactivity of the blog. It can be a place for Minnesota sports fans to come online and discuss and debate the happenings of Gophers athletics.

We’ll do our best to get you the facts and let you decipher from there an opinion that we hope you’ll share with us and other readers.

Secondly, your input better equips our reporters for future entries.

It would be nice if we were able to read minds and already know the kinds of stuff our readers are interested in, but unfortunately we don’t have that luxury.

We understand there is a wide range in opinion, thought processes and feelings on athletics at the University and on our coverage of those sports and the more viewpoints shared online, the better.

So the next time you find yourself wondering about a score or you hear a rumor about a potential recruit committing to the University, hop on the nearest computer and get the information you want and need on the Daily sports blog.

– Paul Cordes welcomes comments at [email protected]