Perhaps America was not ready for a black president

John Eloranta

IâÄôd like to thank The Minnesota Daily for showing how the protesters at the rally for Michele Bachmann last Wednesday really felt. The article also illustrated how people on the left continue to propagate racism as a political defense mechanism. One of the protesters quoted said the size of the crowd (over 11,000) was due to racism, that âÄúPeople canâÄôt stand a black man smarter than them.âÄù So, according to this protester, I am not mad at President Barack Obama for all of the problems he is causing our country but because of the fact that his skin is dark. I could not care less what color Obama is. I take issue with the fact that he is systematically destroying this great nation. If these demonstrators took the time to talk to any one of the people at the rally, they would have found a concerned citizen worried about the direction this administration is taking the country; they would not likely find a racist. I might point out that it is the left who continually try to marginalize Sarah Palin by attacking her family, her looks and the way she talks, rather than her ideas or values. If any criticism of Obama or his policies becomes immediately branded âÄúracist,âÄù then perhaps America wasnâÄôt ready for a black president. John Eloranta, University undergraduate student