‘Let’s be honest about greek life’ indeed

Greeks are an outstanding contributor to the community.

by Mike Mather

In response to Jennifer BissellâÄôs Oct. 5 column, âÄúLetâÄôs be honest about greek life,âÄù I would ask the author please support her arguments or clearly label them as her own opinion. The column is critical of greek life and makes many broad generalizations that are untrue. Bissell calls the greek community the âÄúcenter of drinking culture.âÄù How can this be supported when the most damaging drinking-related incident on campus in recent years, the Spring Jam riots, were conducted by University students not affiliated with the greek community? While this comment was offensive, the broad generalization that greek life is only for those who âÄúwant to take it easy and party hardâÄù is an insult. The greek community contributes countless hours each year to community service projects around Minneapolis and raises hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to support things like the Special Olympics, research for juvenile diabetes and arthritis and St. Jude ChildrenâÄôs hospital, all while maintaining higher average GPA than the general University community. Greek life not only afforded me the chance to give back to the community but to learn to run a small business (which each greek house is), make professional contacts and secure an internship, and receive firsthand advice from leading faculty when applying to graduate school. While each of these could be attained without greek life, no other organization combines them so efficiently. As Bissell will soon find out, success after college is not so much about what you know but who you know. The soft skills learned as a member of the greek community provide an invaluable skill that many college graduates lack today. Please, in the future, investigate your claims âĦ You might just learn something. Mike Mather University alum