Quirky courses offered at the University of Minnesota

Jackie Renzetti

While part of attending college entails narrowing down a major and taking classes with some focus, you’re never required to give up miscellaneous goals such as improving weather prediction or perfecting your brand of comedy. With the University’s broad offerings, there are still endless possibilities to learn things outside of your major or comfort zone — or to fill up empty credit spaces.

A&E found the following quirky classes that may spark an interest. Be sure to use the course number provided to find the official description in the course catalogue, and don’t forget you can always ask your advisor for more information as well.

1) Rock 1: The Historical Origins and Development of Rock Music to 1970 (MUS1013)
Note: If you’re looking for even more musical history afterwards, you can always try Rock 2 in the spring, which does not have Rock 1 as a prerequisite.

2) Music and Movies: The Use and Representation of Music and Musicians in Film in a Global Context (MUS 1015)

3) Introduction to Meteorology (GEOG 1425)

4) Science of Food and Cooking (FSCN 1011)
Note: For an insider’s look, check out this A&E story from last semester.

5) Weird Books by Women (ENG 3352)

6) Food in History (HIST 3417)
Note: Stay tuned for “Drink in History” next spring as well.

7) Old Age in Film and Literature (ENG 4041)

8) Suburbia (CSCL 5256W)

9) Introduction to Peace Studies (SW 1501)                                                                         

10) Comedy: Text and Theory (CSCL 3175)