Varsity to host “Policy and a Pint” Wednesday

Kevin Burbach

Students and graduates will get to voice their (slightly buzzed) opinions tonight at the Varsity Theater as MPR hosts another installment of its “Police and a Pint” series.

This time the theme will be “I Have a Degree, Why Don’t I Have a Job?” Attendees can address issues about finding employment after college and what it means to graduate in a down economy, according to MPR.

As well audience members will most likely return to the age old argument of light vs. dark beer, among other hot topics. 

Fielding questions will be host Steve Seel, MPR’s personal finance and economics expert Chris Farrell and Kathy Tunheim, a job creation advisor for Gov. Dayton.

Other installments have included talks on the Constitution, education, and the future of biking in the city.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the talk begins at six. No time is scheduled for the start of the pints.