As attendance at TCF dwindles, why require a student ID?

The number of students in TCF Bank Stadium was low again Halloween weekend. ItâÄôs not surprising, given the current state of the team. In fact, itâÄôs almost a rite of passage that students become more and more absent as the season goes on.

This is precisely why it is baffling that student tickets require a student ID for entrance. I understand the concerns of scalping, but at this point, itâÄôs almost impossible to give tickets away, let alone sell them for profit.

A couple of my friends were unable to attend SaturdayâÄôs game and elected to give their tickets to friends who attended St. Thomas University. Donning Gopher gear, we all arrived at the stadium together. It was at this point that our two friends from St. Thomas were not allowed to enter because they didnâÄôt have student IDs. We tried to reason with security, but they would have none of it and denied them entrance.

ItâÄôs not like our friends had the opposing teamâÄôs colors on (not that it should be a problem, anyway). They were wearing Gopher apparel and had the demeanor of students. ItâÄôs embarrassing enough that the student section is never full; but to actively turn away fans is utterly perplexing.

The football team is in a state of complete disarray, the attendance is dwindling, and to top it all off, students are paying for it, whether they like it or not.