Dear Dr. Date,I d…

Dear Dr. Date,
I dated this girl for a while and we were really serious and completely in love. There were promises made to be together forever, marriage, moving to a foreign country after graduation and yada yada yada.
She decided she didn’t want to be with me anymore, she wanted to experience lesbianism because she is unsure of her sexuality. I knew she questioned it before we met, but she said I didn’t have to worry about it coming between us. (I think she should have really figured this out before falling in love with me.) I knew staying together and following through with the promises to be together would be unfair and unrealistic, and I understood her need to better understand herself and get out of the relationship.
I understand how I feel about most of this stuff and am honest with myself.
I talk about my feelings all the time with my friends and write about my thoughts in my journal and I try to understand what I can learn from this experience.
It’s the bitterness that is causing me problems and I don’t like how it makes me feel. I know I am bitter because of the unfulfilled promises and the lesbianism. I know that in the end it doesn’t matter that she wants to be with a woman, it’s that she doesn’t want to be with me. I still blame lesbianism most of the time, though.
Any poop, this situation has created a bitterness inside of me, so much so that I literally feel my heart stress when I think about all of this. I get a tenseness throughout my body and hate how it feels.
I am not one to date a girl for the hell of it or to go out and hook up with someone I just met. I have never drank, done drugs or smoked so I won’t run to those things. If you have advice I would love to listen to it.
I am really not sure what to do and want to understand and ease my bitterness so that I can grow from this experience. Thank you for your time.

Your options at this point are limited. You can either shrug it off as best you can or remain bitter. If you choose the latter and remain bitter you’ll likely never trust another woman again even though it’s not the same person.
That’s sad, isn’t it?
Getting over the situation will be tough, but it’ll happen. Have you ever tripped while walking? We all trip in front of a crowd at some point. You can either fret about the embarrassment all day, or let it go and move on. I hear Mentos is a good way to deal with situations like these.