Sufjan Stevens covers “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Raghav Mehta

I was always more of a fairweather Sufjan Stevens fan. While I enjoyed the sprawling epic that was "Illinoise,"  – his 2004 critically-acclaimed indie sensation  – I never understood what all the hubbub was about. And the mere mention of his now-defunct 50 state project was enough to make my eyes roll. 

But despite everything I just said, his recent cover of the classic American staple staple "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," is enough to prompt me to reassess. It might be the vocoder he uses. Or it might be because "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is one of my favorite songs of all time. I don't know. Who knows. Who cares? I don't care. I know you surely don't care. 

But enough about me. Back to Sufjan. 

Recently, indie's eccentric virtuoso joined forces with composer Nico Muhly and the National's Bryce Dessner for a series of Planetarium concerts, with the three of them performing compositions inspired by the planets of the solar system. Yeah, I know. This might be the new water mark for indie pretension but I think this cover might be enough to make up for it. 

Watch below: