Green Line will run 48 minutes end to end

by Tyler Gieseke

Come June, passengers traveling along the light rail’s new Green Line will need to plan for about 48 minutes to get from one end to the other, news sources report.

The route will pass through the University of Minnesota campus as it runs between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, the Pioneer Press reported. Metro Transit recently released the schedule for the new line, which will open June 14.

Local economies are receiving a boost from the new transit line, government officials say. Development projects near the Green Line total at least $2.5 billion, the Star Tribune reported, adding that this number is likely to grow.

“We expect that this is just the beginning of the development,” Metropolitan Council Chairwoman Sue Haigh told the Tribune earlier this month.

The 48 minutes it currently takes to travel the Green Line is an improvement over previous tests, which took about 67 minutes to get from Target Field on one end to Union Depot on the other, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Green Line is 11 miles long, the Pioneer Press reported. Among its 23 stops are the University of Minnesota’s East Bank, West Bank and Stadium Village areas.