Gay marriage amendment

Having fought CaliforniaâÄôs Proposition 8 since its inception, I appreciate your anger at the stupidity of the California electorate in banning gay marriage. However, I do not think you completely understand the gravity of the situation. We passed a law during the last election that stated marriage was between a man and a woman. That was what the California Supreme Court overturned. Prop 8 was a fully-fledged Constitutional amendment and cannot be overturned so easily. The California Supreme Court bases its decisions from this document, and if itâÄôs in the Constitution, the Supreme Court has to obey it. The only people now who can possibly help us are the justices of the United States Supreme Court âÄî and I pray dearly that God give them the good sense to overturn this bigoted, discriminating piece of legislation that California did not have the good sense to vote down. Rachel Pollack University student