lens pick of the week

Paul Taylor Dance Company. David Moore, Jr., the artistic director of the redoubtable 3 Legged Race, occasionally argues that dance in the Twin Cities is in the same place that theater was in the start of the Eighties: many companies, producing quite a lot of inventive work. But there is one important difference, and it is to dance’s advantage. Specifically, Twin Cities theater has never boasted the enormity or variety of touring companies as guests, whereas great dance troupes seem to debus or deplane in our fair city two or three times a week. Case in point, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, a company of near-boggling popularity: 65 companies worldwide have included Paul Taylor dance routines in their repertoires. This time out, Taylor’s company will be dancing to Pietro Locatelli, György Ligeti and tango maestro Astor Piazzolla. We can expect that local dancers will converge on the Northrup this weekend, excitedly looking to Paul Taylor’s inventive modern dance choreography for inspiration; The casual dance fan will be there as well, as Paul Taylor’s reputation is enormous; so this begs an obvious question: Shouldn’t you be there too? $20.50-$29.50. 8:00 p.m. at the Northrup Auditorium, 84 SE Church St, Mpls.; (612) 624-2345.