Campus Connector is already acceptable

Two University students are trying to add three new bus stops to the Campus Connector route. While their activism is laudable, their energy would be better spent on more important matters.
Maureen Hilson and Katie Sisum, both sophomores in the College of Liberal Arts, started a petition about a week ago to add three new stops in the Stadium Village area near Dinnaken House, Argyle House and University Village. Bothered by long treks to current bus-stop locations, the two women have been circulating a petition to residents of the these apartment complexes.
Their main concern is that the nearest stop is about four blocks away. That distance is trivial compared to the distance many other students walk to get to the University. The Campus Connector is mainly intended for students who live in campus-sponsored housing and is not supposed to be the main means of transportation for the general student population.
Although it might seem a small matter for the bus to go an extra block to pick up residents of Dinnaken House, it is ultimately more fair for the Campus Connector to keep its small range. Students live in a large radius around the University. Expanding the route into Stadium Village but not into Dinkytown and the West Bank would not be fair to all University-area residents.
It is understandable, now that the weather is getting colder, for students to wish they could easily hop on a warm bus to get to class. However, the Campus Connector has its name for a reason. It is intended to connect people already on campus with other parts of campus. Sisum and Hilson should consider using their activist energies for other problems rather than to try to avoid walking a few blocks in the cold.