Metro stadium madness

by Willard B. Shapira

When I was a student at the University and a staffer at the Daily, I covered Coach Dick SiebertâÄôs first NCAA championship team in 1956 and have been a Gopher baseball fan ever since. However, I see no reason why the team needs a new stadium, given all of the UniversityâÄôs other needs, in these precarious economic times. Even if a donor such as Pinky McNamara, who probably could afford to purchase the entire University (heaven forbid), underwrote such an expense, wouldnâÄôt that money be better spent on education? I read the other day that we already have a new baseball stadium in town. Why canâÄôt the Gophers play there? Does every single team in every single sport have to have its own damn stadium? This is utter madness. Willard B. Shapira University alumnus