Daily Digest: Craigslist, Crookston cancels classes

by Alex Ebert

Its the second day back from break and I bet everybody’s settling back into the grind. So, to take your mind off of impending midterms and semester culmination papers, we’ve got a few news stories that might perk your interest.


* Criagslist is becoming the focus of police in metro areas aimed at cutting down on prostitution. Today’s Startribune featured an article by David Chanen addressing prostitution on Craigslist and the legality of posting such content. The Minneapolis Police have been viewing the lists for "erotic services" and have busted two juvenile prostitution organizations. Police in Indiana have caught on too. Channel 6 News came out with a story one March 20 when local police arrested four women who advertise themselves through the website.


* AP and Google Maps still has the flooding along the Red River as the Midwest’s biggest news. The Startribune portrayed confident sandbaggers – getting a hand from a little sun – who believe they’ll beat the cresting river. But further north the Grand Forks Herald told a tale of Crookston where the river rose several feet in a couple of hours, and the University of Minnesota – Crookston students had class canceled as the city evacuated lower areas.


Sometimes school getting canceled may not be as cool as it seems.