Minneapolis Park board begins replacing trees lost in the North Minneapolis tornado

by Aaron DuBois

The Minneapolis Park Board is working on replacing trees lost in the North Minneapolis tornado last year.

The North side Treecovery Program will be a two-month effort that will plant 3,100 trees according to a park board press release.

“While clearing boulevard trees was an important part of the Park Board’s response to the tornado, our first priority was, and continues to be, helping residents and the North side neighborhoods,” said Jayne Miller, Minneapolis Park Superintendent in the press release.

The May 22, 2011 tornado downed 5,825 trees.

The park board will be trying to introduce eight to 12 foot trees that are “under represented” in the area.

The estimated cost to implement these trees is at $250,000.

The park board will employ their mascot, Elmer the Elm Tree, to educate residents on the importance of tree watering.

“The City of Minneapolis has worked closely with homeowners, businesses and organizations throughout North Minneapolis to provide critical services and assistance,” said Council President Barbara Johnson in the press release. “So many residents lost the trees in their yards and we think it’s important to provide free trees to those who want and need them.”

In addition, free trees are available for residents of North side who were affected by the tornado. They are available until April 13 or until they run out.