Franken is not the choice

With less than seven days to the election, I can hardly contain myself. As someone who opposed the Iraq War from the beginning, and as someone who participated in the March on the RNC, I can hardly wait for the opportunity to throw the Republicans out of the White House. But I am having an awfully hard time bringing myself to pull the lever for Al Franken. His failure to carry workersâÄô compensation insurance for his employees for four years is at best incompetence and at worse bordering on criminal for a person who claims to want to represent Minnesota workers. His failure to pay income taxes in California and other states to the tune of $70,000 and then blame it on an accountant does not show accountability. I also do not like the idea of a multimillionaire who only recently moved to Minnesota after several decades of absence trying to pass himself off as âÄúone of usâÄù. But what ticks me off the most is his attempt to make us believe he is Paul Wellstone. Wellstone did not keep quiet, as Franken did, during the debate about U.S. intervention in Iraq. Wellstone would not have waited until after the vote on the Wall Street bailout to voice his opposition. Wellstone would have been with us when we marched to show our opposition to Republican policy during the RNC. Al, you are no Paul Wellstone, please drop the fake passion and get rid of the campaign bus and use your Mercedes or whatever it is you drive, hopefully back to New York. I want a senator who is a Minnesotan and can be counted on to stand and fight before the vote, not after. Mark Larson University student