New cafe opens in Stadium Village

The Kitty Corner Cafe will serve authentic Turkish Waffles

by Meritte Dahl

Start with a waffle. Add a chocolate base. Top with fresh fruit, and sprinkle on some nuts.

Turkish waffles are a distictive offering at the Kitty Corner Café , opening Monday in Stadium Village  said owner Zuhal Sari .

Turkish waffles are a typical “grab-and-go” food in the Ortaköy neighborhood  of Istanbul, Turkey , said Sari who was born and raised in Istanbul.

The café will also serve coffee, espresso, sandwiches, paninis and salads, Sari said.

“I live upstairs, so I love that we’re getting a little café,” said marketing Sophomore Marisa Tirimacco , who lives in Stadium Village Flats and works at the downstairs Dino’s Gyros. 

Sari’s love of animals inspired the name of her café. Sari said she has two cats, Fıstık and Fındık—Pistachio and Hazelnut in English. She also owns two parakeets.

The Kitty Corner Café is giving out free samples  of its Turkish waffles for its grand opening Monday .

Look for the full story in Tuesday’s edition of the MN Daily.