Daily Digest: Swine flu, apts near Stone Arch, Dinkytown riot

Lisa Zehner

Welcome to Monday and a happy two weeks left of school. The following is an attempt at rounding up University of Minnesota-related news, digesting and spitting it back up for you to chew on (apologies for the visual, but I think it works well):

Pig flu…err Swine flu



In case you have not come across this, but the University of Minnesota has released a statement on preparations for Swine flu, as reported by Daily’s very own managing editor Mike Rose. The University also has a website up that provides background on the flu and resources. Michael Osterholm, director at Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University, has been featured in several stories on the flu, like this one in the L.A. Times.

Stone Arch apartment plan doesn’t pass in City Council

Minneapolis City Council voted against a proposed apartment development of 98 units Friday, which would have required rezoning of a site by the Mississippi River, Finance and Commerce reports. The proposal received criticism from the University of Minnesota and the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association. We’ll try to get more details on this decision for you soon.

Send us photos, videos and tell us what you think should happen next year as a result of the Dinkytown riot

The last tid-bit will be a plug for you to send us anything you think would be good for the rest of the University community to be aware of. Send it directly to me at [email protected] Also, I have posted a forum topic on what should happen next year as a result of this weekend’s events. Post your thoughts and replies here.