Weekend riddled with wrongdoing

A lab attendant was given a tetanus shot after a research mouse bit his thumb.

by Elena Rozwadowski

Theft, burglary and damaged property were reported at three University buildings last weekend.

A window on an exit door was broken Friday at the University Child Care Center. The safety glass on the door was broken but still intact, according to a police report.

Damage to three classrooms was reported Sunday at Murphy Hall. Someone attempted to pry three classroom doors open with a flathead screwdriver, according to a police report. One of the rooms might have been entered, but the reporting staff member did not know whether anything was missing. Police recorded the incident as burglary.

A third incident, reported Monday, happened at the College of Liberal Arts Office of Information Technology. Two slide projectors were stolen from classrooms during the weekend, according to a report. A staff member told police the projectors were attached to metal cabinets with cable locks.

There are no suspects in any of these cases, and police have not said whether they think the cases are connected.

West Bank vandalism

Vandalism was reported Thursday at the Barbara Barker Center for Dance and the Regis Center for Art west building.

A name, which was not given in the report, along with “2007” was spray-painted in red on a wall in the art building.

The person who filed the report said he or she recognized the name and knew the person from similar incidents, according to the report.

Graffiti also was found on an outside wall of the dance center. The painted word was unreadable, according to the report. There is no suspect in the case, but it might have happened about the same time as the other incident, a report said.

Lab mouse bites
A laboratory animal attendant at the University went to the emergency room Thursday after a research mouse bit him.

The attendant was marking the mouse’s tail at the time, according to a report. The bite broke the skin and left a small mark on the attendant’s thumb, the report said. The mouse was used for Alzheimer’s disease research at the University.

The attendant was given a tetanus shot in the emergency room and released.