Don’t mess with Molly

Following its recent rise in popularity, several deaths have occurred as a result of the drug.

The drug known as “Molly” has been making headlines recently as it has been linked to multiple deaths in the last month.

As a result, officials at several U.S. colleges in the northeast region are working hard to spread the word about the dangers of the drug.

Molly is the pure form of methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), which is the active component in Ecstasy. An article in the Minnesota Daily published last week quoted David Ferguson, University of Minnesota medicinal chemistry professor, saying that the drug is essentially “just Ecstasy.”

Students interviewed by the Daily suggest that, while local police have reported few incidents, the drug is becoming more common.

Most college students know there are inherent risks when it comes to substance abuse, but new forms of drugs can cause additional problems given the lack of information. Users of Molly might think twice before taking it if they knew that, because MDMA is an amphetamine, it shares properties with and can cause similar problems as meth.

The new form of Ecstasy has been featured in several popular songs by various artists, which have glamorized the drug and added to its popularity, giving students and others a false sense of safety regarding its effects. Regardless of how socially acceptable it may be, students would do well to avoid Molly altogether.

University officials and administrators should also take a close look at the fatal incidents that occurred earlier this month and figure out a way to spread awareness of the drug’s dangers to prevent similar tragedies here.

While pre-emptive warnings about the dangers of drugs or alcohol given by the University are not often taken seriously by students, it would be unfortunate if the unofficial endorsements of the drug given by pop stars such as Miley Cyrus or Lil Wayne went unchallenged.