Tragic events call for extra support

Daily Editorial Board

The Editorial Board would like to extend its deepest condolences to the friends, family and classmates of Jennifer Houle.

Following the tragic events of the past few days, the University of Minnesota said it is offering counseling services specifically for Houle’s classmates in the Carlson School of Management and her sorority sisters in Pi Beta Phi. The school has counseling available to all its students and employees through Boynton Health Service as well as University Counseling and Consulting Services.

In addition, we urge all of those affected to seek support — whether it’s formally through University counseling or a more simple act, like opening up to a friend.

While these recent events are especially tragic for those close to Houle, they serve as a reminder for all in the University community to take good care of one another.

Those who may be grieving need urgent support. However, we would like to remind all on campus that mental health must be treated the same as any other health-related concerns, and that even those not currently grieving must care for themselves.

All too often, people seem to shrug off mental health concerns because they may feel like they don’t need help or are uncomfortable seeking it.

Nearly one-third of University students have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, and no doubt many more experience extreme stress in their lives. That said, we must all work toward making mental health an issue on the forefront of our minds, and one we’re unafraid to discuss.