University staff member arrested for engaging in indecent conduct

Courtney Lewis

University police arrested a University staff member and another man Nov. 19 for indecent conduct.

Capt. Steve Johnson said police encountered the men “engaged in sexual contact.”

The men were on a bathroom stall floor in a men’s restroom in Willey Hall.

Johnson would not be specific but said the indecent conduct statute generally involves someone displaying his or her genitalia in public.

According to Minnesota’s State Statute Chapter 617.23, indecent exposure is a misdemeanor. It defines the offense as exposing a person’s body or private parts, requesting another to do the same or engaging “in any open or gross lewdness of lascivious behavior” in public.

Johnson said police often receive a number of similar indecent-exposure complaints, but while they are working to reduce the number of complaints, they try to be sensitive to the nature of the cases.

“For some men, this is a secret life,” Johnson said.

He said the police have the job to uphold the law, but they are not looking to “out the men.”

Both men were issued citations and released by the responding officer.