University athletics a costly embarrassment

Will Shapira

Those who care more about education at the University of Minnesota than how its sports teams do will want to check out a report on athletesâÄô graduation rates and related topics from the March 18 PBS NewsHour. Only The Minnesota Daily had the courage to prepare a comprehensive report on the University athletics department. The gutless Star Tribune and Pioneer Press took a pass, since they revere intercollegiate athletics and apparently are willing to tolerate failure in the classroom and misbehavior off the field as the price a school pays for hiring âÄústudent-athletes.âÄù If you are fed up with embarrassing, costly, anti-education intercollegiate sports at the University, now is the time to express your thoughts to Gov. Tim Pawlenty and your elected state senators and representatives. Demand a halt to the misuse of your taxpayer dollars and a public investigation by the Legislature into the future of big-time sports at the University. Will Shapira, University alumnus