Facebook to adopt new terms of service

Tiffany Smith

During Facebook’s week-long terms of service voting period, which ended Thursday afternoon, 665,654 users voted — with nearly 75 percent in favor of the proposed new Facebook Principles and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities .

Though at least 30 million people (30 percent of active users) would have needed to vote for the majority opinion to be binding, Facebook still intends to adopt the new terms, according to their blog .

Though they’re “hopeful that there will be greater participation in future votes,” they’re considering lowering the threshold required for future user votes to be binding. Under the new terms of service, users will be notified of future revisions, which will be subject to a vote if over 7,000 users comment on the proposed change.

There’s a caveat to that, though: Facebook does retain some amendment-making discretion with a clause in its Statement that says “We can make changes for legal or administrative reasons upon notice without opportunity to comment.”