Registration system limited

University of Minnesota summer and fall registrations are quickly approaching which means that students will once again rush to the UniversityâÄôs simple but limited functioned registration system at OnestopâÄôs website. The system lets a student look at potential classes and register the day of, which overall makes for an efficient process. But beyond its simplicity, the system lacks features that could prove to be useful for students registering. University technology officials should look at designing a new system that incorporates new features that would ease studentsâÄô confusion when registering. The current system is perfectly fine for the basic task of registering for classes. A student logs onto their X.500 user account, searches for classes, and register the day of. University technology officials have done a fine job on making the process easy and accessible for everyone. But the online system is almost too simple. As many students have found out, often times investigative work must be done before registration on future potential classes. The registration system is good at informing the user of what classes are available to fulfill which requirements, but when searching through the classes that the registration system has given, few details are available. For example, if one searches for classes to fulfill the literature core requirement at the university, an abundance of potential classes are shown. But when one tries to find more information on the classes given, information is virtually non-existent for many of the choices listed. While some departments are better than others at posting information on prospective classes, there is no guarantee to students, often making the selection a blind process. A pre-registration system would also prove helpful to any student working on creating a class schedule. As the system currently stands, it forces students to make their potential schedule on their own. This can often lead to confusion as well as inaccuracies. Incorporating a system in which students could put their potential classes in one pre-register list, which would then create a potential future schedule, would be much more ideal. Then on the day of registration, the student could simply log on and tell the system to register his or her pre-registered classes, eliminating any hassles that might delay the process. Uniform standards should also be sought. Departments should be forced to upload full course descriptions, as well as past course syllabi and perhaps examples of past course content. This would prove to be very helpful to students, as they would actually know what they would be registering for.