Don’t believe me? Just you watch

Martha Pietruszewski

If you needed more proof that Beyoncé is queen, she acquired a special edition Apple Watch with a real gold band before the device was available to us mere mortals.
Now if you’re like me, you’re holding off buying the Apple Watch for many reasons. Apple took a risky move with the watch, which is not performing up to many consumers’ standards.
Sure, the Apple Watch is really cool. But you know what’s not? How long it took to come to fruition. Samsung had multiple smart watches announced before Apple had one. 
For a company that prides itself on innovation, I’m not exactly sure what took Apple so long to, well, innovate.
The Apple Watch is not at a great price point either. I understand that Apple primarily functions as a luxury company. But starting at $349, I would expect that watch to perform miracles. Early reviews say the watch is frustrating to use and that the battery life is (surprisingly?) not that great. 
However, I do applaud Apple on the fact that this is the first major new product released under Tim Cook. Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, created a legacy that is hard to follow. Instead of just making phones taller and skinnier, Cook led the development of the first brand-new hardware product in the last five years.
Moving forward, Apple needs to devote more time and energy to perfecting the Apple Watch because let’s face it — our iPhones are slick, and we have high expectations for Apple products.
If Apple doesn’t perfect its new product, then the future for the watch and other new devices looks very bleak. It needs to keep innovating if it expects to survive. 
To the company’s credit, at least it got Beyoncé as a spokeswoman however unintentional that may have been.