An eye for an eye

by Jacob Tyler Ristow

AndersonâÄôs article was little more than one racist chastising another group of racists (and to a certain extent, even women). The late, great JC once said: âÄúlove thy enemiesâÄùâĦgreater said than done. It is clear through AndersonâÄôs language (the use of the word âÄúcrustyâÄù being most prominent) that he is not using his column with the intent of educating readers, but treating it as a literary sniping post âÄî and aiming the gun wherever he chooses. LetâÄôs get one thing straight: just because one claims to âÄúread and appreciate the QurâÄôanâÄù does not mean one understands the QurâÄôan. I donâÄôt comment on Jewish religion or culture because I am not Jewish. Also, observing a culture (citing AndersonâÄôs âÄúsixteen months in Iraq and seven in BosniaâÄù) does not mean one comprehends the motives that drive it. IâÄôve lived in America all my life and still donâÄôt understand what drives this machine. Although these points denote little more than ignorance, it is the unnecessary use of phrases like âÄúbrown extremist neighborsâÄù and false claims that âÄúhistoryâÄôs egalitarian wave has washed away most of the prejudiced elements remaining in the Christian faithâÄù that cause one to doubt. Last time I checked, women still couldnâÄôt be priests in the Catholic faith. Simply put: if you donâÄôt understand a topic, then keep your mouth shut. I may be able to boil water, but wouldnâÄôt dare set foot in a restaurantâÄôs kitchen. By the way, Anderson, what you thought was the word âÄúhajabâÄù is actually spelled âÄúhijab,âÄù and just because you have a âÄúblack girlâÄù sleep over at your house doesnâÄôt mean youâÄôre not racist. In fact, the term âÄúgirlâÄù is usually reserved for a female under eighteen years of age. I can only hope that you meant a âÄúwomanâÄù when you hastily assembled your article. Jacob Tyler Ristow University undergraduate student