Springsteen has plenty to talk about

by Spencer Doar


Sunday is Veterans Day.  The already patriotic American icon, Bruce Springsteen, will be at the Xcel Energy Center. 

I don’t know if this is a match made in heaven or a too-good-to-miss opportunity for overblown, sappy sentiment.  Just think, “The Boss” is vocal in his support of President Barack Obama.  With President Obama’s reelection, Hurricane Sandy, and the memory of those who served in mind, this could be a nightmarish red, white and blue jubilee. 

Springsteen is getting up there, but he’s built a career around a voice that sounds like an old coal miner telling stories over a beer.  So he’s better suited than most artists to the effects of age.  One thing is for sure, as the NHL lockout continues, it is nice to see the Xcel Energy Center in use.