Jenner’s story only one of many

by Keelia Moeller

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, debuted on the cover of Vanity Fair last week. The words “Call me Caitlyn,” scrawled across the cover page, became an immense source of debate all over the country. 
Since she declared to the world that she’s a true woman, Jenner has become something of a beacon for the entire transgender community. Unfortunately, a great deal of the positive attention Jenner has received has come from her uncanny resemblance to award-winning actress Jessica Lange. 
While it’s wonderful many see Jenner as a beautiful woman, it is also important to remember that her identity comes from who she wants to be, not just who she looks like.
Moreover, some members of the transgender community feel that transgender celebrities set unrealistic beauty standards for those who do not have all the financial support that Jenner does. The surgery for Jenner’s new face cost an estimated $70,000 — an amount of money that the majority of the population obviously doesn’t have at its disposal. 
This has led to a movement called “My Vanity Fair Cover.”  Transgender Twitter users are placing photos of themselves on the cover of Vanity Fair and describing their own stories. The transgender community is also trying to emphasize the importance of diversity in appearance and beauty. 
Caitlyn Jenner is a unique member of the transgender community; however, she does not represent the entirety of that community. There are always other transgender people who cannot or choose not to live up to the beauty standards that Jenner has set.