Taylor needs a Swift kick

Taylor Swift ALBUM: âÄúFearlessâÄù LABEL: Big Machine Taylor Swift, the bubbly blonde that bounced into the country music scene at just 16, resembles a miniature Carrie Underwood and draws droves of middle-school girls to massive concerts to see her crooning with the Jonas Brothers . Our skinny-minnie is taking another stab at capturing the hearts of young America with her sophomore album âÄúFearless.âÄù Swift is best known for her vivacious singles revolving around teenage romance. âÄúOur SongâÄù skipped instantly to No. 1 last December, making her the youngest country songstress with a chart-topper. âÄúFearlessâÄù walks us through a different side of Ms. Swift, but this side is no less mature than what we last saw. This album begs us to ask why, with a multi-platinum album written in pre-pubescence, is Taylor Swift so achingly dejected? Maybe itâÄôs because the new album is riddled with trite ballads, and the cheerful love songs expected of Swift are nowhere to be found. Songs like âÄúWhite Horse,âÄù âÄúBreatheâÄù (featuring Colbie Caillat) and âÄúYouâÄôre Not SorryâÄù are full to the brim with exhausting, melancholy choruses, like, âÄúAnd I canâÄôt breathe without you / but I have to breathe without you.âÄù âÄúYou Belong with Me,âÄù is the albumâÄôs standout song, but it sounds exactly like âÄúTeardrops on My Guitar.âÄù Swift belts âÄúStanding by and waiting at your back door / all this time how could you not know / baby, you belong with me,âÄù evidence that even the prominent single canâÄôt shake SwiftâÄôs worn out lyrics. Whether it be the tragic breakdown of her relationship with Joe Jonas or the continued withering of her teenage years, something is transforming Swift from a lively romantic into a melancholy cliché. âÄúFearlessâÄù is perfect for your Miley Cyrus -loving cousin with a penchant for prematurely mourning over broken hearts, a la boyfriends that havenâÄôt happened yet.