‘Great Job!’ Daily

by Mark Sheely

Daily, whatâÄôs with the âÄúTim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!âÄù reference on page 12 of the April 6 paper? As a fan of the show IâÄôm pleasantly surprised, but as a survivor of the Hindenburg explosion (wink, wink), and with the phrase âÄúGreat Job!âÄù superimposed upon that explosion, my feelings are mixed. Though, overall, it was an interesting find. IâÄôd also like to take this time to renew my subscription to your publication. Enclosed youâÄôll also find a few loose greenbacks (again, wink). Anyways, IâÄôll be surprised if I donâÄôt see a little extra news in my paper each morning. Mark Sheely University undergraduate student