Semester is a switch for all

This fall will be the first term the University runs on a semester-based schedule. Although years of planning by thousands of University employees has preceded the transition, students should expect some difficulties to arise as professors and departments become familiar with the new schedule.
Most professors have never taught a semester-based class and might have some difficulties changing from a year with three terms to two. Many of the difficulties will be a result of the modified curriculum that is intended to maintain the amount of work students normally need to perform under quarters. Instead of classes lasting 10 weeks with three finals during the year, classes will last 15 weeks with only two finals per year.
Many students will have difficulties with the new schedule. Except for first year students, most students have become accustomed to three or four classes a term. However, they must now adjust to taking four to five classes, a change that will cause problems for students still learning how to delegate their time.
The new semester schedule might have been a result of much planning, but unanticipated problems will certainly arise. Students should be prepared for problems related to the transition, and feel confident that they will be eventually resolved.