U police investigate fires, harassment

by Andrew Tellijohn

University police suspect arson might be to blame in two early morning fires in Sanford Hall.
The fires occurred at 3 a.m. Tuesday and at the same time the previous Saturday. One was in a trash chute and the other in a trash can, said Tony Skusevich, director for both Sanford and Roy Wilkins halls.
Currently, police have no suspects. Although the incidents haven’t officially been ruled arson, University Police Detective Larry Anderson said the Minneapolis arson investigator has been notified.
“It’s our duty to look into it,” Anderson said.
Skusevich said his staff will do as much as possible to protect the residents of the building. There are staff members regularly stationed on every floor of the hall.
“There’s not a lot we can do to ensure that it won’t happen,” he said. “All we can do is make sure our staff is aware of it.”
Skusevich added that he is mainly concerned with the interests of the residents of the building. There has been no assessment of the financial costs of the fire.

University police responded to a variety of other calls last week.

ù A University student reported being harassed by an unidentified man.
According to police reports, the man was staring at the victim while she was exercising at the University Recreation Center, but University Police Sgt. Joe May said that he has been reported elsewhere, as well.
“He’s started following her to other places on campus, too,” he said. “That’s really not okay.”
May said that the man is between 40 and 45 in age.
Police are investigating this case further.

ù Valentine’s Day wasn’t friendly to a member of the Minneapolis Commodores, a choral group.
Rudy Stenson, 81, fell four feet off the stage to the floor during a rehearsal at the Ted Mann Concert Hall.
John Marty, a stage manager at the theater, said he had gone to his office when other members of the group approached him with the news that Stenson had fallen from the stage. He went and administered first-aid until Stenson was transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center for X-rays.
Marty said other than a broken wrist and some stitches for his thumb, Stenson appeared healthy.
“The last we heard he was fine,” Marty said.
Stenson had no comment other than to say he was doing fine.