Police arrest man for violation of no-trespass order

by Sarah McKenzie

A 48-year-old man with a history of committing crime on campus strolled uninvited into two campus fraternities Thursday and stole a wallet from one.
Minneapolis police arrested Patrick Domarus for walking into Beta Theta Pi without the consent of the residents. He is under a no-trespass order from University property until Sept. 20.
University Police also arrested Domarus for stealing a paraplegic patient’s wallet at Fairview-University Medical Center July 19.
He is scheduled to appear in Hennepin County District Court next month for charges related to the medical center theft.
According to Minneapolis police reports, Brian Jaedike, a Carlson School of Management senior, notified Minneapolis and campus authorities after Domarus entered the fraternity located at 1625 University Ave. S.E. just after 9 p.m.
Jaedike, vice president of the fraternity, said he was sitting in the fraternity’s living room with five friends when Domarus slipped in through the front door.
“He walked upstairs and repeatedly asked for Jim,” Jaedike said.
Since no one by that name lives at the house, Jaedike asked him to leave.
Jaedike and a friend then followed Domarus on foot, signing a citizens’ arrest form when police arrived.
Police arrested Domarus at the Dinkytown McDonald’s 15 minutes later. They confiscated two crack pipes from Domarus along with a wallet containing $4 belonging to a member of the Lodge Fraternity.
Mike Kokkinen, an Institute of Technology senior and Beta Theta Pi president, was in Miami over the weekend for the fraternity’s national convention but spoke with Jaedike about the incident.
“(Domarus) has been at the house before,” Kokkinen said. “He walked in when one of our members was having a graduation open house.”
University Detective Charles Miner filed a criminal complaint against Domarus in Hennepin County District Court on July 21, shortly after Domarus stole money from the paraplegic patient.
Domarus’ criminal record dates back to 1990. He has been charged with criminal offenses ranging from felony fraud to a misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.
Domarus has no permanent address. Miner said he is a transient.
Domarus’ trial date for the felony third-degree burglary charge at the medical center may be scheduled as early as September, Miner said.

In other police news:
ù While on routine patrol Friday, a University Police officer arrested a 39-year-old woman for attacking a 45-year-old man with her shoe.
Herbert Milbrad suffered several lacerations all over his body from the attack inflicted by Geraldine Jackson, according to a University police report.
Officer Erik Stenemann arrested Jackson for attempting to cause bodily harm to Milbrad near Harvard Street Southeast and Washington Avenue Southeast.
Jackson was charged with misdemeanor assault in 1994 and felony second-degree murder in 1987, according to Hennepin County police reports.

ù Minneapolis Police arrested two people Friday for burglarizing the Econo Lodge located at 2500 University S.E.
Maurice Myles, 19, and Lisa Moore, 26, both residents of St. Paul, were arrested for breaking into the campus motel.
An employee of Econo Lodge who asked not to be named said there have been other incidences of theft and damage at the motel.
The employee did not know anything about Friday’s burglary.
Myles and Moore, who are not affiliated with the University, have no criminal records in Hennepin County.

ù University Police Officer Mark Pearson arrested Robert Jackson, 29, and Marie Williams, 44, last Wednesday near 6th Avenue Southeast and Main Street Southeast for outstanding warrants.
Jackson’s criminal charges in Hennepin County range from misdemeanor theft to felony possession of burglary tools.
Three misdemeanor offenses, one for fifth-degree assault, make up Williams’ criminal record.