Daily Digest – You call that a riot?, 1988 Swine Flu death, friend vs friending debate

by Alex Ebert

Hello U of M, and thanks for checking out the Daily this Tuesday. I’ve got a few tidbits of news you might not have heard of I think might peak your interest. Let’s jump in.


Police broke up a riot near Kent State University even larger than the one at the U. According to the Associated Press, Ohio police arrested 64 students Saturday after some threw bottles and rocks at the officers, who had come to quell the riot where students were throwing furniture and street signs into large bonfires.


Though no Swine Flu victims have been recorded recently this isn’t the first time this region of the country has seen the disease. The last U.S. swine flu death was recorded in Wisconsin in 1988. According to the Chicago Tribune the last victim was a 32-year-old pregnant woman who had contracted the disease after visiting a county fair hog barn.


An editorial debated the legitimacy of friendship a user achieves through Facebook, quoting his American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, which defined a friend as "a person whom one knows, likes and trusts." The article in the Orlando Sentinel lays out several informed views from researchers, including the University’s Christine Greenhow who studies the way children use social networking tools. While other experts in the article said the quality of friendship online is lower than in the real world, Greenhow defended social networking because it brings people closer together instead of isolating.